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Terms of Trade

Session Terms

  1. Standard Session Slots

    1. Generally rooms can only be used and must be vacated within the booked session slot.

      Standard Session Slots Half Day Full Day
      Monday - Friday         8:00 - 12:15        8:00 - 17:00
      12:45 - 17:00

    2. Bookings spanning the session boundaries will be charged at the full day rate. There is no 'part' session pricing.
  2. Standard Session Variations

    Session variations are approved bookings requiring variation to sessions slots outside of normal operating hours.

    1. Normal operating hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm weekdays.
    2. Rooms are charged in session slots as outlined in the Standard Session Slots table.
    3. All variations are subject to the approval of The Meeting Rooms.
    4. Approved variations will incur an additional charge of $50 for every hour or part thereof falling outside normal operating hours.
    5. Unapproved variations are addressed by the Session Overrun Procedures.
    6. Weekend bookings are subject to a minimum room hire fee of $300 within normal operating hours and will be availabile at the discretion of The Meeting Rooms.

      Please call for requirements falling outside normal operating hours.
  3. Session Overrun Procedures

    1. Session overruns are when room occupation persists beyond the booked session slot.
    2. Where a session overrun encroaches into the next session slot the normal charge for the next slot will be added to the invoice.
    3. Additional charges will also be applied to session overruns at a casual rate of $50 for every hour or part thereof falling outside normal operating hours.
    4. Please Note: In the interests of a smooth and uninterrupted event, if the next session slot is vacant, no notification, reminder, or warning will be given for session overruns or the additional costs associated therewith.
    5. If the session overrun exceeds our standard operating hours by an hour, the session will be interrupted and options regarding any continuation thereof presented at the discretion of The Meeting Rooms.
    6. As a matter of necessity, if there is another booking following your session and room occupation persists beyond your booked session slot, the session will be interrupted and a request for the immediate vacation of the room given.
    7. Please note: If room occupation persists into the next booked slot, and after the presenter, on-site contact or other general attendees have been asked to vacate the room, the lost revenue and incurred expenses as a matter of necessity or consequence by The Meeting Rooms in order to fulfil or inability to fulfil its contractual obligations to the succeeding booker, will be passed onto the individual or organisation responsible for the offending booking.

      Such expenses could be quite substantial and include, but are not limited to, lost revenue, alternate venue costs, catering costs, accommodation and travel costs for all attendees.

    To avoid additional charges, or differences in expectations, please communicate the booked session boundaries and the importance thereof to presenters and/or your nominated on-site contact.

Booking Terms

  1. Once the booking details and price have been agreed a 50% deposit is required for booking confirmation.
  2. Without booking confirmation the room(s) are tentatively booked only.
    A tentative booking means the room will still be available for booking by other customers but you will be given a phone call to confirm your booking first. Booking confirmation will need to be given that is satisfactory to The Meeting Rooms within 2 hours of the first contact attempt or the room will be released to the competing booker.
  3. All bookings are subject to our cancellation policy

Payment Terms

  1. Payment of the account balance by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) is due on the day of service; or
  2. To pre approved customers payment by direct credit required within 30 days of the invoice date.
  3. Outstanding account balances will be subject to an administrative fee of 5% per month or part thereof.
  4. Debt collection will commence at 30 days from the invoice due date. Any costs incurred in this collection will be added to the bill.
  5. All prices exclude GST unless otherwise specified.

Cancellation Policy

The booking fee and deposit are comprised of two components; room hire and catering. Fee and deposit references below are with respect to the individual components.

No. of days cancellation notice given from booking start date Penalty (the greater of that applicable)
Room Hire Catering
<30 Full refund n/a
<21 Deposit forfeited n/a
<14 Deposit forfeited n/a
<7 100% of booking fee charged i.e. deposit forfeited and charge for remaining 50% of room hire issued. n/a
<3 100% of booking fee charged i.e. deposit forfeited and charge for remaining 50% of room hire issued. Charged for 100% of catering.
(We will endeavor to avoid / minimise this charge when possible)

Unless otherwise specified all pricing exludes GST

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